Gold Rush Goddess

by Melody Walker




released March 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Melody Walker San Francisco, California

New duo album from Melody Walker & Jacob Groopman, We Made It Home out now! The download is Pay-What-You-Like, so you can pay $0 or you can pay $100, it's up to you. Thanks so much for supporting real music. :)

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Track Name: Gold Rush Goddess
Gold Rush Goddess
© 2012 Melody Walker

Come down off that mountain
Come down all you men
But don’t you come knockin’
Without money in your hand
I was born a full-grown woman
With this gold dust in my hair
I’m just shakin’ what God gave me
So feel free to stare

Did you take that gold from my mama’s riverbed?
Did you dynamite the mountain and then leave her for dead?
Did you think that you could keep it and be rich beyond your dreams?
Well, look deep into my eyes boy and give it all to me

Come down off that mountain
Come down and watch me dance
You can love me with your eyes
Just don’t use your hands
I’ll sparkle like pyrite
Flashin’ in your pan
But I ain’t fool enough
To bet my money on no man

Did you take…

Come down off that mountain
You ain’t nobody’s king
You may think you’ve seen it all, boys
But I’ll show you something
Keep watchin’ my body
While I put you in a trance
I’m the goddess of the gold rush
And you don’t stand a chance

Did you take…

Oro yeo
Yeye oro yeo yeye*

(*Yoruba song for Oshún: the goddess of rivers, flirtation and gold.)
Track Name: Family Band
Family Band
© 2012 Melody Walker

I wanna be in a family band
Rollin' down the road with your hand in my hand
Livin' and lovin' the best we can
I wanna be in a family band

I wanna roll with the people I know
Truckin' through the rain and the sleet and snow
Smilin' through the pain 'cause it makes us grow
I wanna roll with the people I know

I wanna play every night and day
Pickin' like the dickens the whole damn way
Shinin' our love out from every stage
I wanna play every night and day

I wanna hear them singin' our songs
Even long after we're dead and gone
Ringin' in eternity on and on
I wanna hear them singin' our songs

I wanna be in a family band
Rollin down the road with your hand in my hand
Livin' and lovin' the best we can
I wanna be in a family band
Track Name: Stars Align
Stars Align
© 2012 Brian Walker

Lost in longing, a long time ago
Dreaming ‘bout you all the time
Our hearts were so young, a tender memory
That brought us to this point in time

When we kiss, the stars align
All a line in a song
A song of longing, a long time ago
Going back in my mind

I was thinking, about that time we had
And going back in my mind
What it was, that brought our hearts together
When we look what will we find?

When we kiss…

Now that we have, only memories
How can we carry on?
‘Cause love has wings, and dreams of taking flight
But often ends up on the ground

When we kiss…
Track Name: Do What You Love Blues
Do What You Love Blues
© 2012 Melody Walker

Workin’ all day, playin’ all night
Feels like you’re workin’ two jobs
Just to barely make it through all right
Makin’ that money, don’t really pay
But if you can do it and love it
Then you’ve really got it made

Did you think it was easy, to get up on the stage?
Did you think I would be here, if I didn’t get paid?
Life’s about freedom, and honey it ain’t cheap
You’ve gotta reap what you sow, and show for what you reap

Workin’ all day…

Well, I’ve always been jealous, of the simple life
Choppin’ wood in the mornin’, to cook your food at night
But life in the city, takes currency
So now I’m workin’ at something ain’t got nothin’ to do with me

Workin’ all day…
Track Name: Not Today
Not Today
© 2012 Melody Walker

The sea is still after an earthquake
The building settles in its bones
And I look out the window for the big wave
But the ocean has decided to stay home

Peace is just a boring little zero
With a stick figure dove drawn in between
And everybody wants to be the hero
But no one wants to be the first one on the scene

Looks like the world’s not gonna end at all
Least not today, least not today x2
We’re still waiting for the big one…

With bottles shattered in the aisles
And product scattered on the floor
We’ll sweep it into little piles
And once it’s gone, we’ll order more

There’s no such thing as a disaster
That ain’t to someone else’s gain
We’ll call tomorrow ‘bout the plaster
And have them fix the window pane

Looks like the world’s….
We’re still waiting for the big one…
Track Name: Gotta Write Love Songs
Gotta Write Love Songs
© 2012 Melody Walker

I listened for love, yeah, I listened so long
‘Cause that’s what I heard on the radio song
I listened forever, and love never came
So I picked up my guitar, and here’s what I sang

How can I love, when I learned to love wrong
All the radio-tv’s just one big love song
Oh, you love it, you leave it, or you throw it away
But you’ve gotta write love songs, least that’s what they say

I’ll write you a want-ad, I’ll write it today
I’ll cut it to record and send it your way
‘Cause it’s so hard to listen, if the song is too sad
So I’ll write you a song about the love we never had

How can you love, when you can’t even cry
All the radio-tv’s just one big lie
Oh, you love me, you leave me, or you throw me away
But you’ve got to write love songs to get any play

Well I was lookin’ for someone, with love to spare
To jump-start this heart long stalled in the air
I was lookin’ to fall, yeah I wanna fall hard
Oh come on gimme a reason to let down my guard

Oh your eyes were so red and your lips were so blue
It took half of my heart just to resuscitate you
Well, we checked all our vitals once we had awoken
Our bodies were fine, but our hearts were broken

How can I love…

How can you love…

You’ve gotta write love songs…
Track Name: Black Grace
Black Grace
© 2012 Melody Walker

Did you believe when they told you that heaven awaits?
With a throne in the sky and big pearly gates?
Well I've seen the pictures from the rockets in space,
There aint nothin' up there but empty black grace.

Well the planets, they dance and the sun, she shines on
It's got it's romance but it aint where I belong
So don't you listen to no one, try'na sell you no hype
'Cause heaven is right here if you're doin' it right.

No you don't have to wait 'till you stumble and die
'Cause heaven is right here if you're doin' it right.
Track Name: Get Back
Get Back
© 2012 Melody Walker

The wind keep movin’ the water around
But ain’t nothin’ else move in this dead-end town
The trains don’t run and the logs don’t roll
And since the gold rush gone, it ain’t got the same soul
For seven years I been wastin’ away
It’ll be seven more, if I don’t leave today

I spent two years livin’ in your sin
Just a wonderin’ when you gonna let me in
The nights grew long and the bed grew cold
And we we’re wastin time, just gettin’ old
You treated me so mean you know
I couldn’t take no more, I had to get up and go

I’m goin’ back to the city, back to the town
I’m gonna shake it out, gonna mess around
My own way
I’m going back to the life I used to know
I’m going out at night, I got oats to sow
My own way
And if you don’t know what I’m talkin’ about
Boy, you’ve never been down and had to get out
You never had to get back your own way

Get back my, get back my, get back my….
My own way x2

The wind keep movin’ the water around
But ain’t nothin’ else move in this dead-end town
Track Name: Martinez
© 2012 Melody Walker

I know all the roads by muscle memory
So I think too much when I’m at the wheel in
And at night the yellow lines ring like a melody
And I swear sometimes it swallows me
And I can’t keep from crashing
No, I can’t think to keep myself alive

I drive over Palm at night, I see the lights
Of the refinery, with it’s stacks on high
And the noise that no one notices is clearer now
That drumming hum that’s always around
And I can’t keep on driving
I’ll fall asleep and wake up in another town

Well, that train it whistles low and it’ll whistle loud
And let that lonesome sound echo all through town
And at night I dream I catch it and drift afar
Just one in a chain of a thousand cars
And I can’t feel the ride
But then even the smoothest tracks collide
Track Name: Dreaming
© 1979 Blondie